Distribution of both AST and Moton Suspension in North America is now located in Irvine, California, at the heart of the US automotive industry.  Our team specializes in serving the North American market via sales, service and product support, working directly with the AST and Moton headquarters in Holland.

Both products are manufactured in the same facility in Holland, but while MOTON is focused on Motorsport, AST suits a much larger range of street and sport clients. From progressive lowering springs to 3-way adjustable 5300s with external reservoirs, AST offers a product for almost any use or application.

Superior service and support is a top priority for AST and Moton Suspension in North America. Our team of sales specialists has been trained to provide our customers exceptional service and support across our entire portfolio of products.

With respect to service centers, we have multiple providers with comprehensive knowledge of AST and Moton products. These centers have factory-trained suspension technicians on hand and maintain factory parts in stock. This will ensure strong product support for our professional and club racing clientele and minimize turnaround time for damper service and repair. A development team is also in place to accelerate development and increase availability of brand new applications.

We also have a growing stock of the full AST product range in Irvine for immediate shipment. A large selection of our most popular kits is in stock and ready to ship, accelerating delivery and reducing build time.

Both AST and Moton have become providers of high performance shock absorbers used by many prominent manufacturers and racing teams worldwide.  MOTON’s applications are mainly used in GT and Touring cars as well as in high-performance street cars while providing user-friendly and efficient technology.

AST Suspension is famous for its inverted technology on their flagship 5000 series dampers. Using a 45mm inverted piston or cartridge design increases damper strength in all directions, optimizing cornering and braking forces under any condition. Proven during countless competitions around the world, our design provides an ultra-strong strut and a low frictional resistance.

Moton shocks are built for the absolute pinnacle of racing with design and features required to win at the highest level. Moton systems can be configured several different ways, including true rear coil over conversions, aluminum strut/shock bodies or solid mounts. All Moton configurations are external reservoir and are available in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way options.

Our #1 priority is to support our dealers. We believe a strong dealer network is key to marketing the brands to the end user, and we are committed assisting you in any way possible.

Please reach out to us with any questions, we look forward to working with you!