Spring of 2016 AST began development on the Mk3 Ford Focus RS suspension system by receiving an early-production UK car. After initial inspection, our engineers noted that the RS had the very common cockpit-controlled twin-tube shocks with no camber or ride height adjustment.  Also noted were the OEM barrel-style front springs which prevented any inboard travel (required to add camber). In addition, the RS has an unusually flat strut tower design meaning we had to create the lowest profile camber plate to reduce the stack height as much as possible.

Our signature 5000 series kit was engineered and finalized to include a true coil-over rear configuration (with reinforcement plate) and a cancellation module for the OEM electronics so no lights are thrown on the dash for an easy, stress-free installation.

Our shock bodies are specially designed to keep maximum stroke, even with a low ride height. Our monotube design is essential for their high performance.  Specifically, the shock oil and nitrogen are separated by a floating piston, and monotube dampers allow for use of a larger piston, increasing the damper performance and sensitivity felt by the driver. This produces more grip, chassis control, and driver feedback in both road and track conditions. 

Our recommended spring rates for street/track use are 80N/mm (456 lbs/in) front and 50N/mm (285 lbs/in) with true-coilover rear, which creates amazing balance and chassis compliance. The AST 5000 series can be built for custom spring rates and damper specifications offering endless possibilities for your RS.

Other features include:

  • True coil over rear with 2.0” springs
  • 60 ID front springs and low-profile camber plates
  • OEM electronic shock cancellation module
  • Reinforcement plate for rear strut towers 

**Also available in 5200 and 5300 configurations with spherical rear top mounts included.

All 5000 series systems are hand built in Holland and include the 5100, 5200 and 5300 systems. Please reach out to us directly for more information on our inverted system technology for your 2016+ Focus RS.