Since our inception we have always had a soft spot for the JDM market and it’s cars.  From the Mazda RX-7s of the late ’80s and early ’90s to today’s R35 GTR there has always been a special connection between AST Suspension and JDM vehicles. An extensive selection of popular and iconic cars from Japan are peppered throughout our application lists and our development schedule always includes many JDM vehicles right alongside their European counterparts.

More specifically, our 5000 series inverted dampers match in theory and design to many manufacturer’s OE design philosophy. Subaru in particular chose an inverted damper setup to increase lateral strength, so many buyers could really beat up on their Subaru WRX and STi on a rally or road course without a worry. For most Subaru owners, AST is the only choice in the market to keep the OE inverted style, while increasing adjustment capability and overall performance.

For road racing, many Mitsubishi Evo 8, 9, and 10 owners choose our 5200 – 5300 external-reservoir setups to increase stroke and shock travel, which can adapt to any road surface or race track with a few clicks of rebound and compression. The external reservoirs increase stroke and help to dissipate the heat that is generated from spirited or track driving. The 5200 and 5300 adjustments also help to dial in compression on a high-downforce Evo, to help balance the forces for the most control.

Mazda’a Miata has been owned and loved by every engineer at our HQ in Holland, each one has owned at least one generation of the famous moniker to date, including the most recent (ND) and the original (NA). These are by far our best selling JDM damper sets available today. To see any of these in action be sure to attend a local NASA or SCCA track day near you to find our Miata kits tearing up the track!

We currently have many JDM kits in stock and ready to ship here in Irvine, including Mitsubishi Evo 8,9,10, Toyota/Scion GT86/BRZ, Honda S2000, among many others.

All 5000 series systems are hand built in Holland and include the 5100, 5200 and 5300 systems. Please reach out to us directly for more information on our inverted system technology for your JDM vehicle!