The Evolution X is the last generation of the famous Lancer Evolution model from Mitsubishi, and as one of our top selling applications, the 5000 series kits offer a soft ride even with the lowest height setting. Our design incorporates a long stroke for added comfort on the AWD platform. The low-profile top mounts can dial in the camber for any road surface you encounter and paired with our CNC lower mount inserts you can dial in your camber from two locations allowing for an intricate adjustment.

Our inverted design allows for wide wheel and tire clearance without the need for wheel spacers and adapters. Our kit is a favorite among EVO owners who incorporate aggressive widebodies and low front splitters. The inverted technology produces an extremely strong damper, providing better suspension geometry under heavy lateral and braking loads in either a spirited road or track environment. Using a 45mm inverted piston design increases damper strength in all directions, optimizing cornering and braking forces under high-stress conditions. Proven during countless competitions around the world, our design provides an ultra-strong strut with low frictional resistance.

We currently have EVO VIII, IX, and X AST 5000 series kits in stock and ready to ship. We can also build a custom kit valved for your specific needs.